"" Little "trademark" big "economic"

Trademarks are the intangible assets, the number value of the trademark, how to define it?
How to apply for a registered trademark?
How foreign trademark registration?
Current "Nip intellectual charity salon" we have invited senior trade mark agents, will give you detailed answers OFF
Any question marks on and interpret just enacted this year, "the new Trademark Law" for you, for your escort business development,
Invite your participation!

Speaker: Liu Haoran
Organizers: German intellectual property rights of public salon
Time: 2013 年 11 月 19 日 (星期二) 14:30-16:30
Location: Beijing the 12th International Building, Room 1008, Quintiles Wai Avenue Chaoyang District B
Contact 010 -58,790,480 turn 822 Liu Haoran
Advisory QQ: 2919154809
Intellectual Property QQ group: 230 641 726
20131119 Beijing trademarks salon invitation: 20131119 Beijing trademarks salon invitation (http://www.brightandright.com/uploads/media/20131119.pdf)

Intellectual Property Department in training "," small "trademark" big "economic"

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