Law firm , after many years. November 8, 2013 in Boracay , Philippines typhoon ravaged petrel , after the typhoon, Guo bit through his personal micro -Bo for help , saying where he " CTS " Mission 14 tourists were led by guides to get rid of , but also because the money submitted fee was out of the hotel.
   Typhoon contract for travel services , the force majeure , but travel agents can really help full force majeure exemption it? November 13 , Beijing People's Broadcasting Station daily 11:00 's " journey " program, invited Mr. Beijing华沛德rights lawyer and law firm靳春雷Ctrip Travel Network in Dayton Jidong , to discuss the typhoon later, tourists the rights protection problems.
   Since the promulgation of "Travel Law" implemented under the responsibility of a force majeure situation has clearly specified the bear , Jin lawyer explained that even in the case of force majeure , travel agents can not can not assume any responsibility , "Travel Law" Article 67 stipulates that agencies must take the necessary responsibility for relief measures in the personal and property safety of travelers threatened , stranded tourists , travel agents must be reasonable placement. As for commitment fees as required by law : additional costs borne by the tourist board and lodging expenses , other expenses and increased return bailout costs shared by the travel agencies and tourists . When tourists travel agencies should be unable to pay advance fees.
   For Boracay events, travel agencies should advance tourist accommodation costs , rather than tourists expelled from the hotel. For the travel agency refused to advance , visitors can travel management and related institutional links directly enable the " guarantee the quality of tourism services " be advanced . If you travel by way of rejection group not to perform the contract , tourists can also be through litigation , ask for fare doubled to tripled damages .

Protect the interests of tourists after typhoon

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