Nip IP management practices based on years of creatively summed up Nip intellectual property management theory , a clear target enterprise intellectual property management is the dominant market , the path to achieve is poised , defensive and offensive in three stages , from enterprise knowledge departure angle property management practices to determine the main tasks of each stage to eventually achieve management goals.
    The salon management theory of intellectual property rights in Germany is based , to carry out series of practical training (for details see Annex ) to help enterprises solve the fundamental problem of all aspects of intellectual property rights .
    Current " Nip intellectual charity Salon" is to discuss the analysis and use patent information to help enterprises to improve R & D efficiency , saving R & D funding to help companies create value , to lay the foundation for the formation of high-quality intellectual property rights.
    In addition, will also introduce Hubei, Wuhan, some of the IP-related funding policy , combined with the government to help people -oriented, the correct formulation of intellectual property management strategy.
Nip poised to stage technical analysis of IP management theory topics :
- How to use the intellectual property to create value
Speaker: House Dequan
Organizers : German intellectual property rights of public salon
Time : 2013年11月19日(星期二) 14:30-16:30
Location: Hongshan District of Wuhan Optical Valley Software Park off Mountain Avenue , Block A7 podium on the first floor ( next to the Bank of China ) DEMO
Coffee shop
Contact 027 -65,692,340 Hu Qiufeng ( Advisory QQ: 2919154809)
Intellectual Property QQ group: 230 641 726
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[Intellectual property] "How to use the patent to create value" Wuhan Training

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