To give full play to the guiding role of IP in supporting the biological field , to help enterprises to improve the field of biotechnology research in the creation, utilization , protection and management level, to learn how to carry out industrial development of biotechnology products, etc. , is organizing the " biological field IP-related training " to make the relevant enterprises to effectively enhance innovation capability and level of intellectual property protection of intellectual property . The relevant issues are notified as follows :
First, the time and place :
     ( A ) 2013 1年11月28日(周四) 14:30-16:30 ( half day ) ;
     Building B11 bio ( two ) Optical Valley Bio Innovation Park City 201 Office Exhibition Center on the second floor meeting room
Second, the participants :
       Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone and related enterprises, institutions and organizations and research alliances ; Wuhan East Lake High-tech enterprises in the field of biomedical district chairman, president, technical backbone of the business and technical R & D personnel , intellectual property management commissioner
Third, forum topics and speakers :
       Theme: "East Lake High-tech Zone funding policy ."
       Speaker: Chen Rensong ( East Lake High-tech Zone Intellectual Property Office )
       Topic: " How to improve the biological field Patents Granted rate"
       Speakers: Bao Xiaofang ( Beijing Nip Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. , a senior agent )
       Beijing Nip LLP biological, chemical field of patent agents ; has written Biotechnology Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences , Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Genetics and Developmental DSM pertinent Biotechnology Co., Ltd. , Beijing Xin Yu Biotech Co., Ltd. provided , China National Petroleum corporation (CNPC) , China Aluminum Corporation and other biological and chemical fields patent applications.
Fourth, the organizers :
       The training by the Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone , Wuhan, biological Office and Intellectual Property Office Donghu New Technology Development Zone Branch organized Nip intellectual salon co charity
V. Contact :
       The meeting does not charge any fees.
       Please delegates participating in at 14:30 on November 28 ( Wednesday) to report to the venue , and on November 26日(星期二) following the receipt of the relevant personnel before :
Contact: Miss Hu
Tel: 65692340
E-mail : ( or reply to this mail )
Intellectual Property QQ group: 230 641 726
Related matters , please contact the above-mentioned persons .

                                                               Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone of biological Office
                                                               Intellectual Property Office of Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan Branch Intellectual Property Office
                                                               Beijing Nip Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.
                                                               Two O 21 November 2013

Intellectual Property Department Training "East Lake High-tech Zone funding policy."

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